Meet the Serenity team

Sarah Lacy

Managing Director / Travel Solicitor

Sarah heads up Serenity’s team of travel trustees and is unrivalled in the industry for her knowledge, skill and experience in travel trust accounting. As a travel specialist solicitor who has been an owner/manager in two different travel law firms over her 25 (and counting!) year career, she has worked closely with travel companies in relation to their legal and commercial needs and so has a thorough understanding of the complex legislation affecting the travel industry and travel trusts.

She applies that knowledge, taking a practical problem-solving approach to her work at Serenity. Sarah has advised upon, drafted documentation for, implemented or administered travel trust accounts for every type, size, structure and specialism of travel company over the course of her career, including five of the UK’s top 20 ATOL Holders. The knowledge and experience she has gained in doing so has enabled her to devise and implement the banking, transacting, reporting and auditing systems so unique to Serenity’s travel trust accounts.

Janine Atkins

Senior Trust Account Auditor

Janine has been with Serenity since its inception in 2013 and is one of very few people in the world that can boast almost a decade of experience given up exclusively to the daily of running travel trust accounts. Prior to that, her 20 years working in relationship management at Barclays bank provided her with the banking, Financial and interpersonal skills that are invaluable in the role she performs at Serenity Trusts.

Janine is the backbone of operations at Serenity. In that role, she is serviced well by her experience in and understanding of the workings of travel trust accounts, her established knowledge of the commercial and legislative challenges facing the travel industry and her first rate commitment to customer service.

Nicola Taylor

Trust Account Administrator

As Serenity’s longest serving trust account handler, Nicola has well-honed trust account handling skills. They quickly and effortlessly develops the close working relationships and understanding of their clients’ trust systems that are Serenity’s hallmark.

Their 10 year auditing background makes them the perfect complementary support for Sarah and Janine.

Nicola Marshall

Trust Account Administrator

A member of the team since 2018, Nicky has a keen eye for the detail and data analysis that is key to Serenity’s handling of trust accounts. She develops a quick and solid understanding of her clients’ needs and processes which, coupled with her ability to accurately and efficiently assess and process trust claims, means that she is always in demand.