For consumers

What does it mean for holiday financial protection when I see the Serenity trusts logo on a travel company’s website or brochure?

The Package Travel and Linked Travel Arrangements Regulations 2018 and the Civil Aviation (Air Travel Organiser’s Regulations) 2012 require UK incorporated travel companies to provide holiday financial protection and security for the monies that UK consumers pay for package holidays booked with them and for consumers’ repatriation in the event of their insolvency.

If the holiday company with whom you have booked displays a Serenity trusts logo, that means it is using one of our trust accounts to provide a means to provide all or some of this financial protection.*

If you are a UK consumer, all money that you pay to that company for package travel arrangements must be paid into a separate and designated bank account over which Serenity are appointed as an independent travel trustee.

Our trust account handlers must authorise any payments out of the account and your holiday company can not claim them from the trust account until you have returned from travel.

As a further layer of protection, all our trust funds are insured against trustee fraud and negligence.

*Some of our trust account holders are not covered by UK legislation. This may mean that the trust account we run complies with different rules (which may be less strict than the above). Please ask your travel company about the rules that apply to their trust account.









Please note that we no longer maintain trust accounts for the following companies: –

  • Vertical Frontiers Ltd.
  • Adventure Base Ltd and AB Guiding Ltd (for payments taken after 27th October 2021)
  • Leisure Time (Wales) Ltd (for bookings taken after 1st November 2021)
  • Off Limits Ltd and Off Limits Group Ltd (for bookings taken after 26th September 2021)
  • For bookings taken after 22nd July 2021, Tom Hutton MTB.
  • South America Travel LLC
  • David Urquhart Travel Ltd (but package travel booked with David Urquhart Holidays Ltd are covered)
  • Tradewind Voyages Ltd (for bookings made after 15th March 2021)
  • Vector Cycling Ltd

Verify your holiday company

Only Serenity’s travel trust account holders are permitted to feature our logo on their advertising material. If you have seen our logo and want to check that the company that has featured it is an account holder, complete the form below and submit it to us. Within 24 hours we will reply giving verification.

Serenity Travel Trusts is a trading name of Travel Trust Services Ltd registered in England & Wales under company number 08717843, authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority under number 607165.