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Serenity Travel Trusts was born in 2013: a time when travel trust accounts were misunderstood, misused, misinterpreted and mistaken. Since then, we have worked tirelessly to dispel the misnomers surrounding the trust account form of consumer financial protection for the travel industry. Recent years have  seen their increased recognition – and we like to think part of the reason why… is us!

We bring a unique understanding, quality, agility and dogged commitment to travel trust accounts.

As an SRA Regulated company, we adhere to multiple layers of professional compliance and that excellence trickles down into everything we do. We work closely with ABTA and the Civil Aviation Authority as well as the Department for Energy and Industrial Strategy in relation to the design of trust account structures in the travel industry.

We input on the wording of the trust deeds that form the backbone of those structures, and the insurances that supplement them.

Our portfolio of clients are testament to our experience and expertise: we act for four of the UK’s top twenty ATOL Holders and are proud to boast a fully collaborative and mutually supportive relationship with them, and with the wide variety of other travel companies whose customer money we guard.