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Helping you to run a trust account

It can be daunting to embark on implementing a travel trust account as the means of providing financial protection for consumer’s payments for travel services. Having access to standard solutions...
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Covid Pandemic impacts on demand for travel trusts for merchant facilities

The demand for travel trusts for merchant facilities has seen a significant upturn as the pandemic progresses and continues its negative impact across the travel industry – as consumers recoup...
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The Travel Agent Trust Account – Your flexible friend

The internet age has brought with it an almost limitless flexibility in the way that travel agents can structure the sale of travel arrangements to suit each pocket, whim and...
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Seven good reasons why travel trust accounts should be favoured

We are professional trustees to travel. Our decades of experience and knowledge of the travel industry (and specifically the experience we have gained in running travel specific trust accounts) enable...
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Travel Trust Accounts versus Travel Bonding

Trust Accounts are the ‘new black’ for the travel industry, there’s no denying it. There’s increasing talk of the government withdrawing their backing of the Air Travel Trust and if...
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Travel Company Trust Account – Case Study 2

It’s a common misconception that a travel company trust account is just for small or start-up businesses. But, actually the travel trust account option of complying with the financial protection...