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Off The Shelf Travel Trusts

…for the smaller company or those needing simple solutions, we have a range of standardised travel trusts…

Package Travel Trust

Simple, reliable and cost effective, our basic Package Travel Trusts won’t need to be renewed annually.

  • They avoid the need for expensive bonding or unreliable insurance policies;
  • They support a Merchant Services Application;
  • They avoid payment of annual membership fees or fees for services that you don’t need.

All money paid for ‘packages’ will go into the trust account, which will be controlled by one of Serenity’s travel specialist trust fund managers in accordance with the Package Travel Regulations.

ATOL Trust

Serenity is an approved third party for the purposes of providing trustee services to ATOL holders wishing to use a travel trust to financially protect consumers’ money.

The Civil Aviation Authority is committed to promoting use of trust accounts as an alternative means to an ATOL Bond or financial failure insurance to offer the consumer financial protection for flight inclusive travel arrangements and to that end have devised a standard trust structure for travel companies to use in support of an ATOL application.

Serenity has unrivalled knowledge and experience in the set up, implementation and administration of the CAA’s structure and with additional support from our ATOL specialist consultants, we can provide you with an efficient and painless route to ATOL compliance.

Small Business ATOL Trust

Serenity’s Small Business ATOL trust account holders enjoy benefits associated with specially negotiated relaxed terms under the Civil Aviation Authority’s standard trust deed.

Negotiated with the smaller or start up company in mind, our Standard Small Business ATOL Trusts reduce the costs and cash flow restraints associated with the Civil Aviation Authority’s usual ATOL trust structure or ATOL bond.

Beach Tree

Full Trust

Halve the time and costs associated with financial protection by having one form of protection to cover all travel arrangements that need protection by law.

It’s usually the case that a travel company will need one form of financial protection to cover its licensable sales (flight inclusive packages), and something different such as ABTA protection, for land-based packages. This inevitably involves duplication and inefficiencies over the two layers of protection.

With Serenity’s Full Trust it’s simple: all money requiring protection by law will go into one trust account, and will be controlled by one of Serenity’s travel specialist trust fund managers in accordance with either the ATOL Regulations or the Package Travel Regulations as applicable.

Merchant Acquirer Trusts

Avoid the impact of deferred payment settlement and cash bonds

Many card acquirers will not provide merchant services to travel companies without an approved trust in place to cover funds collected via customer cards.  We also offer standardised trust and escrow accounts that have been designed in consultation with our merchant acquirer partners. We can implement these trusts efficiently and quickly using the streamlined processes agreed with our partners.