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Merchant Services Trusts

Having a merchant services trust in place helps you to provide a potential merchant services provider with the assurances they require to grant you a facility.

Merchant facilities are very difficult for travel companies to obtain in today’s climate. Having a merchant services trust in place will help to persuade a merchant services provider to grant a facility. Also, the facility is more likely to be on reasonable terms and without the need for a cash bond, ABTA protection, an ATOL bond or rolling reserve.


When a customer makes a purchase on a credit card for more than £100, the merchant services provider providing the credit facility is obliged by law to guarantee that purchase. This could be because the service is sub-standard or doesn’t comply with its description. It could also be because the company that sold the arrangements to the customer has become insolvent. In such cases, the credit card company has to refund the customer the money it has paid for those arrangements.

Having consumer funds held on trust in a travel trust account gives merchant acquirers confidence. Any money they do pay out under these guarantees can be reclaimed from the account holder via the trust account.

Apply for a travel trust merchant facility

We have spent literally years educating the travel merchant facilities sector in the risk-minimising benefits associated with Serenity’s unique travel trust accounting structures. We have our rewards though: we now have well-established relationships with the main merchant facility providers in the industry. That means we are able to negotiate favourable rates, terms and streamlined application processes for our account holders via a number of different routes.